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Food Assistance

WIC Iowa works to ensure that allegations of fraud and abuse are investigated thoroughly. The WIC Program is intended for families in need of nutritional support. WIC food and formula are to be used for the WIC participant only and cannot be sold or given away. WIC foods not used by the participant should be returned to the local agency. Fraud and abuse take resources away from Iowans who need the help the most.

Report WIC Fraud or Abuse

Participant Fraud

  • Dual Participation which includes:

    • Receiving WIC benefits from more than one site at the same time

    • Receiving WIC benefits in more than one State at the same time

  • Making a verbal offer of sale to another individual or allowing someone else to do so

  • Posting WIC foods or benefits for sale in print (in newspapers or publications) or allowing someone else to do so

  • Posting WIC foods or benefits for sale on the internet (through websites such as Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, etc.) or allowing someone else to do so

  • Making false or misleading statements or intentionally misrepresenting, concealing or withholding facts to obtain WIC benefits

  • Attempted/purchase or actual returning or exchanging of foods purchased as WIC benefits for cash, credit, non-food items, non-WIC foods or WIC foods in amounts other than those listed on the participant's WIC food instrument

  • Giving away WIC food benefits or WIC food instruments

  • Other actions involving WIC food instruments in violation of WIC policy

Vendor or Store Fraud

  • Knowingly exchanging or refunding money for WIC food items

  • Exchanging WIC food instruments for money

  • Giving rain checks, IOUs or crediting personal accounts

  • Allowing WIC participants to purchase non-WIC products

  • Charging higher prices for WIC food items to WIC participants

  • Iowa takes all reports of fraud and abuse seriously and encourages the immediate reporting of any alleged WIC program violations, abuse, or fraud.

Individuals making reports may remain anonymous. Please report as many details and be as specific as possible.

Read the WIC Non-discrimination Statement