October 1, 2021

(DES MOINES, Iowa) – Iowans receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) should be aware of some key changes to the program beginning in October.

Nearly all SNAP beneficiaries will see a modest increase in benefits this month to account for a recent federal government review of the SNAP program that considers, among many factors, the increasing cost of eating a healthy diet and the changing eating habits of Americans.

The update resulted in an approximate 27 percent increase in benefits. However, this change takes place at the same time a pandemic-related increase will end. The December 2020 COVID-19 federal relief bill included a 15 percent increase in SNAP benefits from January through September 2021.

β€œThe net result of the changes is that most Iowa families will see a $12 to $16 increase per person each month,” said Janee Harvey, Administrator for the Adult, Child, and Family Services Division at the Department of Human Services. β€œThese changes are permanent and aren’t tied to pandemic programs.”

The changes will happen automatically, and recipients will see the increased benefits on their EBT cards in October.

For more information about Department of Human Services food assistance programs, including how to apply for benefits, visit https://dhs.iowa.gov/food-assistance.


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Alex Carfrae