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Immunization Recommendations & Schedules

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Adolescents need to continue their immunization series and receive booster doses of vaccines for ongoing protection (immunity) against diseases. New vaccines have recently become available and are recommended for all adolescents. Immunizations have the potential to protect not only the health of adolescents but their friends, families, and communities.

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Diseases do not have age limits. Vaccines are not just for kids, adults need protection too. 

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International Travel

Immunizations are necessary for protection from diseases that are still common in many parts of the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travelers' Health page offers information to assist travelers and their health-care providers to decide what vaccines are necessary to prevent illness during international travel. The CDC divides vaccines for travel into three categories: routine, recommended, and required. For information on vaccines for travelers based on destination and locations to receive Yellow Fever vaccine visit the links below. 


Iowa HHS Immunization Materials

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Iowa Immunization Requirements

Iowa Code, Chapter 139a.8(6) and Iowa Administrative Code, 641-7.7(139) outline the immunization requirement for students attending licensed child care centers and elementary or secondary schools. Students shall have received the required immunizations and submit the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services Certificate of Immunization or have a valid Certificate of Immunization Exemption, or Provisional Certificate of Immunization.

Immunization Requirements

Iowa Code, Chapter 139a.8(6)

Iowa Immunization Administrative Code - Chapter 7

Executive Order 10 - Letter to Partners

Executive Order 10 - Frequently Asked Questions

School Immunization Requirements Letter- Superintendents

Immunization and School Exclusion Memo - September 2019

Program Documents

Immunization Requirements Chart

Iowa Immunization Law and You Brochure

Immunization Certificates

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Auditor Information

Audit Information - updated 8.14.2023

Immunization Audit Memorandum

Immunization Audit Training Powerpoint

Immunization Audit Training Webinar

School and Child Care Immunization Record Review Information

School and Child Care Audit Forms

School and Child Care Audit IRIS Instructions

Immunization Audits - Frequently Asked Questions

Audit Tips and Reminders

Avoid Common Audit Errors

Iowa Educational Directory

Iowa HHS Licensed Child Care Centers

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