Mission Statement

Protecting and improving the health of Iowans at risk of or living with HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and/or viral hepatitis.

Vision Statement

Healthy Iowans living in healthy communities.

Staff members in the Bureau of HIV, STI, and Hepatitis work to reduce the impact of preventable and treatable infectious diseases.  Programs and services include:

  • Supporting free testing for HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis at local health departments and community-based organizations
  • Supporting free vaccinations for adults for hepatitis A and B at local health departments and community-based organizations  
  • Supporting case management and supportive services for low-income Iowans living with HIV
  • Providing Iowans with access to supplies, equipment, and/or medications that prevent, treat, or cure these infections  
  • Monitoring data and trends on the populations that are most impacted by HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis  
  • Identifying and addressing the social, political, and environmental determinants that place people and some populations at higher risk of acquiring these infections
  • Preventing and responding to outbreaks associated with these infections
  • Working with community members on plans to eliminate the transmission of HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis in Iowa.