I-Smile Silver connects adults living in 10 Iowa counties with dental, medical, and community resources. It is modeled after the I-Smile program for children. As a pilot project, I-Smile Silver services are currently available in: Calhoun, Des Moines, Hamilton, Humboldt, Lee, Pocahontas, Scott, Van Buren, Webster, and Wright Counties.

Iowa HHS has contracts with Lee, Scott, and Webster County Health Departments to administer I-Smile Silver locally. Each of the three health departments have a dental hygienist serving as the local I-Smile Silver Coordinator.

To help adults find the services they need, the I-Smile Silver Coordinators work with dentists and dental office staff; medical providers; hospitals; businesses; civic organizations; and social service organizations. They help coordinate dental appointments, find payment sources for dental care, train health care providers, and promote the importance of oral health by participating in community events.