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Programs & Services

Iowa HHS and the Bureau of Family Health have been charged with supporting the state’s maternal health efforts for over eighty years. Iowa’s Maternal Health Programs work to ensure optimal health for pregnant, birthing, and postpartum mothers, ensure more babies can celebrate their first birthday (prevent infant mortality), and improve birth outcomes. 

About Maternal Health

The 2021 Maternal Health Strategic Plan identifies strategic priorities to lead the state’s maternal health efforts. Developed through engagement with community, clinical, and provider perspectives, and in alignment with national public health goals, these strategic priorities will guide Iowa HHS efforts. 

Perinatal Mental Health

The 2021 Maternal Health Strategic Plan provided insight into significant gaps of understanding perinatal mental health and how to successfully provide resources and support to those in need.  This process set out to address that challenge by capturing relevant trends, research and perspective to inform modern strategies to bring more attention to this critical issue.