What are the eligibility requirements for QDWP?

You could be eligible as a Qualified Disabled & Working Persons Medicare beneficiary if you: 

  • Are entitled to Medicare Part A
  • Have a disability and are working
  • Have net countable monthly income that does not exceed 200% of the federal poverty level for the family size
  • Have resources less than the resource limit (see chart below)
  • Member does not qualify for any other kind of Medicaid.

What services are covered by QDWP? 

  • Medicaid will pay the cost of the Medicare Part A premium for Qualified Disabled & Working Persons (QDWPs). Part A premiums are the only service Medicaid offers for this group. Medicare copayments, deductibles, and Part B premiums are not covered. Medicare refers to the QDWP group as a β€œMedicare Savings Program (link back to original MSP page).”
Monthly Income Limit and Resource Limits for 2024:
Married Couple$3,407$6,000