Iowans benefit when all youth are engaged and contributing in their communities. The experiences and connections that children and youth have while growing up affect their success in school, in work, and in life.

Since 1999, the Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development Council (ICYD) has participated in a variety of state and national youth initiatives and has been nationally recognized for coordination of youth development efforts at the state level.  In partnership with the Forum for Youth Investment, the ICYD has adopted several key principles of the Ready by 21™ Challenge.  Nearly $20 million in federal and private funding has been leveraged to support youth development in Iowa.  In 2009, ICYD was established in the Iowa Code, Section 216A.140.

The ICYD is comprised of agencies within various state departments that represent the major public systems addressing the needs of Iowa’s youth (ages 6 to 21).   Its purpose is:

  • to build consensus on a youth development framework by aligning state policies and programs;
  • encourage collaboration on youth-related issues across state government and communities throughout Iowa;
  • identify or develop resources for use at the community level to promote positive youth development;
  • facilitate planning and implementation of effective positive youth development programs; and
  • increase youth involvement in state and local level policy discussions and decision making.

The ICYD recognizes that Iowa youth can help create a better Iowa with support and encouragement from families, schools and communities.  The ICYD is working to make certain that Iowa’s youth have opportunities to be involved, practice healthy behaviors, achieve success in school, and are prepared for a career and productive adulthood.

One way that the ICYD involves Iowa's youth in policy discussions is through the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC).

Through these collaborative efforts, ICYD is creating a better Iowa for today and in the future.