March 24, 2021

(DES MOINES, Iowa) – Iowa’s Parent Partners program, which has gained national attention due to its innovative approach and effectiveness, has received a promising rating from the Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse within the program category of in-home, skill-based programs and services and was simultaneously deemed a promising program by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (CEBC). This means the program has demonstrated effectiveness in creating positive outcomes for families in at least one research evaluation.

Parent Partners is an innovative program that provides peer mentoring to parents who have had children placed in foster care. The program is unique to Iowa and was developed in our state. In this model, Parent Partners mentors – individuals who have successfully reunited with their own children after placement in foster care – professionally assist parents who are currently struggling with challenges the mentors have overcome.

Mentors have had direct and personal experience with child welfare services, so are in a position to provide support to parents that are involved with the Department of Human Services and are working towards reunification. This innovative approach to supporting families can reduce episodes of re-abuse and increase rates of reunification. When a parent has a Parent Partners mentor, there is evidence that there will be less re-abuse of children, and children are more likely to return home from foster care.

“Receiving confirmation through the federal clearinghouse that the Parent Partners program results in positive outcomes for children and families is especially exciting since the model was developed in Iowa. DHS will continue to support and encourage the expansion of the program in the state,” said Janee Harvey, Division Administrator of Adult, Children and Family Services.

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