(DES MOINES, Iowa) - The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. Work is no exception. For nearly every employee and employer, work life has changed.

COVID Recovery Iowa has staff who are conducting support sessions to help navigate the workplace in the months ahead.

Common pandemic-related work stresses include:

* Worry about being exposed to the virus at work

* Concern about having to take time off if you don't feel well

* Pressures of taking care of family during work hours

* Constantly changing rules and guidelines for masks, vaccines and returning to the workplace

* Uncertainty about the stability of your employer due to COVID-related business changes

COVID Recovery Iowa is actively working with people on these important issues, and all services are free of charge. COVID Recovery Iowa offers tools to help workers build resilience and develop tools for getting through the pandemic.

"Whether you're a teacher, a nurse, a small business owner, or a police officer, the effects of COVID-19 are causing stress at work," said Karen Hyatt, Emergency Mental Health Specialist for the Iowa Department of Human Services. "Our counselors can conduct a seminar at your workplace, virtually or in person, to help provide coping skills and personal support for workers at all levels."

To get more information or to schedule a seminar for your workplace, contact Karen Hyatt, 515-281-3128 or email khyatt@dhs.state.ia.us.

COVID Recovery Iowa is for all Iowans who have been impacted in any way by the pandemic or by the 2020 Derecho. In addition to support groups, activities, and resources, COVID Recovery Iowa offers FREE confidential virtual counseling and emotional support to all Iowans.

Call the Iowa Concern Line, 800-447-1985 or 844-775- WARM (9276) and ask to connect with a COVID Recovery Iowa counselor or visit www.COVIDrecoveryiowa.org. COVID Recovery Iowa is also on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Tik Tok, Twitter and YouTube.