In 2008, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation to protect most Iowans from secondhand smoke. The Smokefree Air Act prohibits smoking in almost all public places and enclosed areas within places of employment, as well as some outdoor areas.

The law applies to: restaurants, bars, outdoor entertainment events, and amphitheaters. It also covers places of employment such as office buildings, health care facilities, and child care facilities. 

Smoking is allowed on the gaming floor of a licensed casino, as well as designated hotel and motel rooms. Below are educational materials relating to the law. To order Smokefree Air Act stickers (for businesses or vehicles) please call 888-944-2247.  The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services is charged with enforcement of Iowa's Smoke Free Air Act.

Submit a Complaint

Call 888-944-2247 or complete the form to submit a complaint

Submit a complaint about a business for alleged violation(s) of the Iowa Smokefree Air Act. You are not required to include your name or contact information, but Iowa HHS strongly suggests that you include your name and contact information with a complaint. Although it is possible to submit a complaint anonymously, this may slow down the department's ability to immediately address the alleged violation because further investigation may be necessary.

Local law enforcement may investigate complaints about alleged violations of the Smokefree Air Act. The Division of Tobacco Use Prevention & Control may notify the proprietor of the public place or place of employment or coordinate a site visit after receipt of a complaint.

NOTE: Complaints should be made within 10 days of observing potential violation(s), in order to facilitate a timely investigation.

Smokefree Air Act FAQs

Order Free Signage 

No Smoking: Option A (Horizonal)

No Smoking: Option B (Vertical)

Tobacco and Nicotine Free: Option E (Horizontal)

Tobacco and Nicotine Free: Option F (Vertical)

Smokefree Air - Horizontal: No Smoking
Smokefree Air - Vertical: No Smoking


 Smokefree Air - Horizontal: Tobacco Free
 Smokefree Air - Vertical: Tobacco Free

Email or call 888-944-2247. Include the following information:

  • Contact Information & Mailing Address: Your full name and the address to mail the signage. 
  • Design: The signage option that you want (A and B are for general use. E and F are for organizations and businesses that meet specific requirements) have two directional options for the "No Smoking" and two directional options for "Nicotine Free."
  • Quantity: How many of each design to you want? Do you want them as clings or stickers or both?
    • Clings are sticky on the front and go on the inside of a door or window.
    • Stickers are sticky on the back and go on the outside of a door, window, or wall.

Signage Details: Smokefree Air Act