Community Partnership Grants

We provide grants to local public health agencies, community organizations, and tribal governments to help reduce the burden of tobacco within their own communities. Grantees work toward tobacco-free environments like smoke-free multi-unit housing, as well as reducing youth access to tobacco.

  • Statewide Map of Current Community Partnerships
  • FY23 Community Partnership Tobacco Control Program Objectives (updated 7/14/22)
  • Community Partnerships funding for this fiscal year (FY23) (7/13/22)

Iowa HHS TUPC Material Order Form

  • Tobacco Prevention Items Order Form (6/10/22)
    • Zipped version

Fax the form to 515.281.6475 or email to 

Tobacco Free/Nicotine Free Model Policies

  • Worksite Policy
  • Park Policy
  • County Fair Policy
  • Outdoor Events and Places Policy
  • Rodeo Policy
  • TF NF College Policy
  • Pharmacy No Sale Tobacco Policy
  • Preschool Child Care Model Policy
  • School Policy

Updated (7/1/22)

Tobacco Free / Nicotine Free Policy Database

  • Policy Database


Adopting a Tobacco and Nicotine Free Childcare Policy

Get Involved

Contact your local Community Partnership or call 515-281-6225 for more information about how you can become involved in local tobacco prevention efforts.