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Project Recovery Iowa helps individuals, families, and their communities in recovering from the challenging effects of natural and human-caused disasters through the provision of community-based outreach and educational services. 

Project Recovery Iowa follows key principles:

  • Strengths-based: Services promote resilience, empowerment, and recovery.
  • Anonymous: Outreach staff do not classify, label, or diagnose people. No records or case files are kept.
  • Outreach-oriented: Outreach staff deliver services in the communities rather than wait for survivors to seek their assistance.
  • Conducted in nontraditional settings: Outreach staff make contact in homes and communities, not in clinical or office settings.
  • Designed to strengthen existing community support systems: Outreach staff supplement, and do not end or replace, existing community systems.

Project Recovery Iowa Services

Project Recovery Iowa offers services to individuals, families and communities affected by disaster whether it be natural or a man-made event.

Services include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Basic supportive or educational contact
  • Community networking and support
  • Assessments, referrals, and resources

Project Recovery Iowa is a FEMA a funded grant called the Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program and is administered by Iowa Health and Human Services.

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