Iowa’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program

Iowa Medicaid members with full benefits may be able to get rides to routine medical appointments at no cost, or reimbursement for travel expenses.

Things to Know 

Rides are arranged through a transportation broker. Members must schedule a ride with the broker at least two working days before the medical appointment. In some cases, rides can be arranged with less than two days' notice if there is an urgent need.

If something changes and you can no longer attend your appointment, you must contact the transportation broker and cancel the ride.

Before Requesting a Ride 

To ensure the quickest service when you request a ride, be prepared to provide the scheduler with the following information when you call:

  • Information About You
    • Full name
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Medicaid ID number
    • Phone number to reach you
    • Pick up location - if different from your address
  • Information About Your Appointment
    • Date and time
    • Street address including the city, state and ZIP code of your appointment location

What Types of Transportation are Available?

The type of transportation you receive will vary depending on your needs and medical condition. In some cases, the transportation broker may arrange for a bus ticket or bus pass. In other cases, your trip may be scheduled by car, taxi, van, wheelchair van or other accessible vehicle.

Scheduling a Ride

Which broker you call depends on whether you receive services through a managed care organization (MCO) or through Fee-for-Service (FFS).

  • Iowa Total Care
    • Broker: Access2Care 
    • Phone: 877-271-4819 
    • Website:
  • Molina Healthcare of Iowa
    • Broker: Access2Care 
    • Phone: 866-849-2062 
    • Website:
  • Wellpoint (formerly Amerigroup)
    • Broker: Access2Care 
    • Phone: 844-544-1389 
    • Website:
  • Fee-for-Service (FFS)
    • Broker: MTM 
    • Phone: 866-572-7662 
    • Website:

Mileage, Meals and Lodging

If a friend or family member drives you to an appointment, they may be eligible to receive mileage reimbursement. 

If you have to travel more than 50 miles to an appointment, you may be eligible to receive meals and lodging reimbursement. Check with the transportation broker before the scheduled appointment for details.

How Do I Know If I Can Get NEMT Services?

If you have questions about your eligibility status:

  1. Contact your Income Maintenance (IM) Worker at your local Health and Human Services (HHS) office by calling the HHS IM Call Center at 1-877-347-5678
  2. Contact the Iowa Medicaid Member Services at 1-800-338-8366, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.