We care about the people who use services for behavioral health, disability or aging. Just as important are the families and loved ones serving in caregiving roles. 
As experts in your role, we need your help.

Community-Based Services Overview

Hope and Opportunity in Many Environments (HOME) is a project in Iowa that is working to improve and ensure that everyone has access to high-quality behavioral health, disability and aging services in their communities.

To achieve this, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (Iowa HHS) collaborated with partners at Mathematica and The Harkin Institute. They conducted an evaluation of community-based services and published a final evaluation report in early 2023. The report provides recommendations on how Iowa can improve these services.

Based on those recommendations, the team created a transformation plan to guide the next steps and implement the suggested improvements.

You can help shape the future of this project by sharing your thoughts and ideas through virtual and in-person community feedback opportunities.

How to Get Involved

Iowa HHS is rebuilding its community-based services (CBS) to support Medicaid members in finding Hope and Opportunity in Many Environments (HOME).

Our goal is to enhance services, allowing people to remain in their communities with their loved ones, and making it easier for them to access the help they need.

We've teamed up with the Mathematica-Harkin group to host feedback sessions across Iowa where dedicated Iowans can voice their thoughts and ideas. Your involvement in HOME will shape the future of CBS in Iowa.

Feedback Interest Form

If you have difficulty accessing this form, please visit the form directly here.

HOME Recent Updates

The Hope and Opportunity in Many Environments (HOME) team is working to improve systems for all Iowans accessing community-based services. This system redesign will take place through December 2024 and is an opportunity for Iowans to share their feedback and improve community-based services. Recent updates, resources and current project timeline can be found here. The timeline below includes opportunities for feedback from community members, providers, case managers and supervisors and community-based organizations and advocacy staff.

HOME will be coming to communities across Iowa soon. To help us connect with invested Iowans, Iowa HHS will be hosting events across the state to share information, provide HOME updates and hear community voices to inform the project. We need and value your perspectives and feedback to inform HOME decision-making and to make community-based services better. These in-person events are a great way for you to voice your challenges and discuss solutions. More information is coming soon on dates and locations. Please be sure to check back for details or fill out the interest form so we can reach out to you with more information.