Amerigroup Rebrand

Amerigroup Members:

  • Managed Care Organization, Amerigroup, is changing their name Wellpoint in Iowa on January 1, 2024.
  • There will be no impact or changes to your Medicaid coverage or access to providers and supports because of the change.
  • New ID cards with the Wellpoint name and logo will be mailed to you in early 2024. You can continue using your current card to access your existing services until the new card arrives. 
  • If you have questions, please contact the Amerigroup/Wellpoint member services line at 833-731-2140.

What are Healthy Behaviors?

Members in the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHAWP) can receive free healthcare if they choose to take specific steps to protect their health and complete what are known as Healthy Behaviors. To continue receiving free coverage under IHAWP, you must complete your Healthy Behaviors.

There are two Healthy Behaviors requirements you need to complete each year: 

1. You must complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

If you are part of the Iowa Health Link managed care program, contact your Managed Care Organization (MCO) to complete your HRA.

  • Wellpoint (formerly Amerigroup Iowa, Inc.): 1-800-600-4441
  • Iowa Total Care: 1-833-404-1061
  • Molina Healthcare of Iowa: 1-844-236-0894

If you are NOT part of the Iowa Health Link managed care program, you can complete your HRA by calling 1-800-338-8366.

2. You must get a Wellness Exam -OR- a Dental Exam

Wellness Exam
  • Call your primary care provider (PCP) to schedule your wellness exam.
  • Tell your PCP this is one of your healthy behaviors for IHAWP.
Dental Exam
  • Call your dentist to schedule a dental exam.
  • Tell your dentist this is one of your healthy behaviors for your Iowa Health and Wellness Plan. 

​All members will have the first 30 days of each annual enrollment period to complete or self-report completion of healthy behaviors for the previous enrollment period.

There is a copay for using the emergency room for non-emergency services. This charge may vary slightly depending on your MCO. 

Will I be notified if I have not completed a Healthy Behavior?

Your MCO will send you Healthy Behavior reminder letters before the end of your enrollment year:

  • Wellpoint (formerly Amerigroup) - Health Risk Assessment Reminder Letter
  • Wellpoint (formerly Amerigroup) - Wellness Exam Reminder Letter
  • Iowa Total Care - Health Risk Assessment Reminder Letter 
  • Iowa Total Care - Wellness Exam Reminder Letter 
  • Molina Healthcare of Iowa - Health Risk Assessment Reminder Letter
  • Molina Healthcare of Iowa - Wellness Exam Reminder Letter

What is the monthly contribution?

There are no charges for health services during a member’s first year of enrollment. Beginning in the member’s second year of enrollment, small monthly contributions may be required, depending on family income. There are no copayments for health care services and prescriptions.

Please mail your payment to:

Iowa Medicaid

Iowa Health and Wellness Plan Contributions

PO Box 14485

Des Moines, IA 50306-3485


Financial Hardship

If a member is unable to pay their contribution, they may check the hardship box on their monthly statement and return the payment coupon OR call Iowa Medicaid Member Services.

Important: Claiming financial hardship will apply to that current month's amount due only. Members will still be responsible for amounts due from past months. Members will also be responsible for amounts due in future months unless they claim hardship in those months. Any payment that is more than 90 days past due will be subject to recovery and, depending on their income, may be disenrolled.

What about the wellness exam or dental exam? Why visit a doctor or dentist if I am not sick?

An annual wellness exam or “physical” refers to a medical exam you receive from a health care provider that is aimed at preventing health problems before they occur.

In the physical exam, the health care provider will do things like:

  • Check your pulse and blood pressure.
  • Listen to your lungs with a stethoscope.
  • Recommend preventive screenings or take a blood sample to check your cholesterol.

This is different from the type of exam you might get when you visit a health care provider because you are sick or hurt and have specific health problems that need to be addressed.

A routine physical exam keeps your provider updated about your health so you can get the care you need and gives you a chance to talk to your health care provider about any health concerns. Even if you do not feel sick, you should get a physical exam from your health care provider every year.

Dental Exams

An annual dental wellness exam is a checkup from your dentist which aims to prevent dental problems before they occur.

In a dental exam, your dentist will go over your dental health. You may receive a cleaning or basic x-rays. It’s important to maintain a healthy mouth - it’s a key part of overall health. Remember, under the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, you will not be charged for check-ups and preventive screenings.