The Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHAWP) provides comprehensive health coverage at low or no cost to Iowans between the ages of 19 and 64. Eligibility is based on household income. Learn more on the Iowa Medicaid homepage.

All IHAWP members can receive free healthcare if they choose to take specific steps to protect their health and complete what are known as Healthy Behaviors. Beginning in the member's second year of enrollment, a small monthly contribution may be required, depending on family income. Find more information on the Healthy Behaviors webpage.

Find out if you and your family are eligible for coverage through the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan.

To be eligible for IHAWP, you must:

  • Be an adult age 19 to 64
  • Have an income that does not exceed 133% of the Federal Poverty Level
    • Approximately $20,030 for an individual
    • Approximately $27,186 for a family of two (or higher depending on family size)
  • Live in Iowa and be a U.S. citizen
  • Not be otherwise eligible for Medicaid or Medicare

IHAWP provides comprehensive health benefits at low or no cost to members. Members have access to doctors and hospitals in local communities and throughout the state of Iowa. Benefits include doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental care, preventative health services, mental health services, hospitalizations, emergency care, and more. 

Make Your Contribution Online

IHAWP members that receive a monthly billing statement in the mail, can now make their contribution online. Make a payment online at any time using the HHS Services Portal. For more information, see the ClickPay User Guide.

If you are a current IHAWP member and would like to submit your monthly contribution by mail, please mail your payment to:

Iowa Medicaid

Iowa Health and Wellness Plan Contributions

PO Box 14485

Des Moines, IA 50306-3485

Dental Coverage

IHAWP members have dental coverage through the Dental Wellness Plan. Find more information on the Dental Wellness Plan webpage.

IHAWP Resources