*Due to the Iowa HHS website change, materials prior to November 2023 may not be available. Continue to check back for new materials. 

Welcome to the Provider Training Archive. You can find archived training materials and recordings up to two years old on this page. 

If you are seeking materials older than two years, please contact imeproviderservices@dhs.state.ia.us. 

Iowa Health Home (IHH) Learning Collaborative Trainings Archive

If you need something that is not currently available, please email healthhomes@dhs.state.ia.us.

Learning Collaborative Webinars Archive Part I

Competency-Based Trainings (CBT) Archive

CBT Webinars Archive Pt. 2

CBT Webinars Archive Pt. 1


Medicaid Training for Local Education Agencies (LEA)


Annual Provider Trainings Archive

Please check back for 2023 Annual Provider Training materials.