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The Division of Aging and Disability Services (ADS) within Iowa HHS has launched a project that brings together government agencies and community partners and nonprofits to plan for and address aging issues across a person’s lifespan. The project, called, “Iowa Solutions for Aging with Independence and Longevity,” or "IA SAIL” will gather information from people all across Iowa through steering and subcommittee meetings, surveys and a road tour coming in summer of 2024. 

Iowa HHS will draft a Multisector Plan for Aging, including aging with disabilities, (MPA) plan at the end of 2024 to ensure all people of all ages and abilities have access to the right services and supports to age well across their lifespans and in their communities. 

IA SAIL Mission and Vision 

Mission: To understand, plan for and address aging issues across multiple sectors and systems. To ensure everyone has access to person-centered services and supports needed to age well within their community of choice.

Vision: All persons in Iowa age with independence and health across their lifespans. 

Why a Multisector Plan for Aging?

Iowa HHS values and supports all people living in Iowa, regardless of their age or ability, and ensures that all Iowans live and age well within their communities. Achieving that goal requires working together across the government and also with non-profit and for-profit organizations. The MPA will provide a long-term plan for how this teamwork across agencies happens. It will include strategies and goals to ensure real improvements are made and allow all Iowans to live their best lives. 

IA SAIL Details

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IA SAIL Timeline - Year One

IA SAIL Timeline - Year One
February 2024Steering Committee Kick-Off MeetingReview roles and responsibilities and confirm MPA domains.
March 2024Steering Committee Meeting 2Determine topics needing further review and create subcommittees.
IA SAIL Webpage LaunchApril 2024Launch a webpage for the IA SAIL project on the Iowa HHS website. 
April - June 2024Subcommittees MeetCollaborate and decide on topics to cover, how to improve that area and provide recommendations. 
April - July 2024Feedback SurveySend out a feedback survey both internally and externally to gather information and suggestions from staff, partners and the general public.
May - June 2024Agency and Parter InterviewsInterview government agencies and local partners to find areas of focus and receive feedback.
May - June 2024Focus GroupsHold focus groups with diverse and underserved populations.
June - July 2024Steering Committee 3Review subcommittee recommendations and submit them to Iowa ADS.
Summer 2024Town Hall Road TourThe IA SAIL team hits the road with HHS leadership to visit and share about the project within Iowa communities.
Fall 2024Draft MPABased on feedback and recommendations, Iowa ADS will draft the MPA.
December 2024MPA is releasedThe MPA releases to the public.