The Children’s Behavioral Health System State Board (Children’s Board) is the single point of responsibility in the implementation and management of a Children’s Mental Health System (Children’s System) that is committed to improving children’s well-being, building healthy and resilient children, providing for educational growth, and coordinating medical and mental health care for those in need.


About the State Board

Signed into law on May 1, 2019, House File 690 established requirements for the Children's Behavioral Health System after receiving the Strategic Plan for the Children's System State Board as ordered by Executive Order No. 2 signed April 23, 2018.

The Children’s Board consists of 17 voting members appointed by the Governor. The Children’s Board is co-chaired by the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education. Members of the Children's Board were selected based on their interest and experience in the areas of children's mental health, education, juvenile court, child welfare, or other related fields. 

Children’s Board meeting notices and other information are distributed by email about one week prior to meetings.