Informational Letters

This section is a list of correspondence sent out by Iowa Medicaid to update providers on any policy changes that will affect them. The Informational Letters in this section are also an important cross reference for any new policy changes that have been implemented but are not yet reflected in the published Provider Manual.


Policy Clarifications

A list of correspondence sent out by Iowa Medicaid to clarify policy that affects each Managed Care Plan’s operation. Each of the policy clarifications listed here have been provided to the managed care plans. The managed care plans have attested to each policy clarification based on Iowa Medicaid business practices at the time of issuance.


Provider Manuals

This section outlines a complete listing of all the technical and instructional manuals used by recognized provider types as specified by Iowa Medicaid. Each of the provider manual is specific to a service offered by Iowa Medicaid and is designed to guide an Iowa Medicaid Provider with clear and concise outlines of what services are covered or not covered under that service. Additionally, the manuals also provide instructions on how to read and complete the various forms required by Iowa Medicaid for each offered service. These manuals serve as a very important tool for providers in helping them ensure a more seamless administrative process involving Iowa Medicaid guidelines, billings, and documentations.


Iowa Administrative Code and Rules

This section deals directly with the Office of Policy Analysis of the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It outlines two fundamentally important sections, the HHS Policy and Procedure Manuals and the HHS Administrative Rules. The HHS Policy and Procedural Manuals provide instructions for HHS staff and contracted vendors on the administration of various HHS programs. These manuals are the official HHS interpretation of federal and state laws as they pertain to the various administered programs and serves as a guideline for proper administration. The HHS Administrative Rules section outlines current rules, the docket of proposed rule changes in process, a list of upcoming public hearings on proposed rules, and summaries of public comments on rules. Iowa Administrative Codes (IAC) outlines the rules and addresses how the Iowa code and Iowa laws are managed by various agencies. The IAC are how state agencies and departments implement the administrative rules every day. It is utilized by many different Iowa regulatory agencies, such as The Department of Inspections and Appeals, The Department of Public Health, and The Department of Health and Human Services (including Iowa Medicaid).