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Medical Cannabis

The mission of the Medical Cannabis Program within the Bureau of Cannabis Regulation at the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services is to have a high-quality, effective, and compliant medical cannabis program for Iowa residents with serious medical conditions. The Medical Cannabis Program works to balance a patient’s need for access to treatment of their debilitating medical condition, with the requirement to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products.

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Laws and Regulations

The Iowa Legislature enacted the law that created the Medical Cannabidiol Program. To fully develop the details for this program, the Legislature authorized the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services to adopt administrative rules. To allow the the Department to implement this law quickly but also do so comprehensively, the Department has authority to use two types of rule-making procedures. For initial implementation, the Department can do emergency rule-making. For the longer range administration, the Department will use regular formal rule-making procedures.


Iowa Code chapter 124E

Administrative Rules

Iowa Administrative Code 641-154

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