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Programs & Services

SNAP Employment and Training Program

This program can assist you in achieving your education, career and employment goals through occupational and vocational education, skills training and supportive services while participating at no cost! SNAP E&T is a combined effort between Iowa HHS, Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) and community partnerships. HHS determines eligibility for SNAP E&T. Learn More


All work eligible FIP participants must have a Family Investment Agreement (FIA).  The FIA is an individualized agreement between the FIP client and the state of Iowa that outlines the family's needs, the services to be provided by PROMISE JOBS, the actions the family will take, and the time frames to be met by the family so that the family can become economically self-supporting. Learn More

PROMISE JOBS and Family Development and Self-Sufficiency

The PROMISE JOBS program provides work and training services to FIP participants. Iowa HHS contracts with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to provide PROMoting Independence and Self-sufficiency through Employment, Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (PROMISE JOBS) services for most FIP participants. Learn More

Refugee Services

Provides a variety of employment related services to refugees living in Iowa. Employment services are designed to enable refugees to obtain employment and to improve their employability or work skills. Learn More

Iowa Workforce Development

Iowa Workforce Development contributes to the economic security of Iowa’s workers, businesses and communities through a comprehensive statewide system of employment services, education and regulation of health, safety and employment laws. The Iowa Department of Human Services does NOT provide Iowa Workforce Development services. Visit the Iowa Workforce Development website for more information. 

Rights: You have the right to ask for an appeal if you disagree with a decision Iowa HHS makes. You have the right to ask for an exception to policy for an item or service not otherwise covered by Iowa HHS.