Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical Forms for Providers:

What is Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical Care Management?

Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical Care Management (PCM) is an Iowa Medicaid service provided by physicians and pharmacists working together to closely manage the total medication regimens of their most complex patients. The services are provided to Medicaid members who are identified as being at high risk for medication-related problems. The innovative care delivered through this program is based on a model of care known to improve medication safety in hospital and clinic settings where pharmacists and physicians practice under the same roof and have access to patient care records.


The Iowa PCM program began in 2000 with funds appropriated by the Iowa legislature. The program, designed by an advisory committee of physicians and pharmacists, seeks to improve the quality of medication use in Medicaid eligible patients who are at high risk for experiencing adverse effects from their medications.


Questions about becoming a PCM provider can be directed to Rachel Digmann, Pharm.D.,BCPS at 515-273-8876.


Who provides Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical Care Management?

Pharmacists providing this service must have an Iowa license in good standing and have completed professional training regarding patient-oriented medication-related problem prevention and resolution. This training can be obtained by completion of a Doctorate of Pharmacy or completing a course from the Iowa Center for Pharmaceutical Care. The pharmacy or office where PCM services will be provided must have an area that allows private consultation.


Who is eligible for Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical Care Management?

Members, who are dual eligible, do not qualify for PCM services. Additionally, if a member has Medicaid only at the time of application for PCM then later becomes eligible for Medicare; the member is no longer eligible to receive PCM services. The pharmacy or pharmacist providing PCM services should notify the member of this change.