CNRS is a special kind of brain rehab service. It's given by a team of experts who help with thinking, medical, behavior and emotional problems after a brain injury. They also help you get better at everyday tasks and be more independent.

CNRS Provider Quality Self-Assessment 

All CNRS providers must complete and submit the Provider Quality Self-Assessment by the specified annual deadline, regardless of whether they are currently offering CNRS services. The form and all necessary documents should be sent together as one document  annually. 

If you have questions about the 2023 CNRS Provider Quality Self-Assessment, contact the assigned QIO Specialist. You can also send questions via email to

2023 CNRS Provider Quality Self-Assessment

Please see the Medicaid Provider Trainings webpage to learn more about completing the 2023 CNRS Provider Quality Self-Assessment. Training is updated annually.

Available services under CNRS: 

Residential CNRS 

These services are for people living in small residential care homes licensed by the Department of Inspection and Appeals. The goal is to help members improve good behaviors, reduce bad ones and adapt to challenging situations so they can be more independent.


Intermittent CNRS

These services are for people who live in their own homes. The goal is to support the member and their family or caregivers in improving good behaviors, reducing bad ones, and handling challenging situations so the member can stay in their own home and community.


Member Eligibility Requirements:

To get CNRS, members must meet the requirements in IAC Ch. 78.56(2). These include but are not limited to:

  • Having a current brain injury and mental health diagnosis.
  • Showing risk factors listed in IAC Ch. 78.56(2).
  • Having a recent comprehensive neurobehavioral assessment done by a licensed specialist 90 days before admission.

To apply, contact your local HHS office in the county where you live. 


Provider Eligibility Requirements: 

To offer CNRS, providers must meet IAC Ch. 77.52(2) requirements. These include but aren't limited to:

  • Being accredited by an approved organization as a brain injury rehab service or showing proof of applying in the last 16 months.
  • Filling out the Annual CNRS Provider Quality Management Self-Assessment.
  • Meeting all provider standards in IAC Ch. 77.52(2), including training, leadership, results-based requirements, member rights, record-keeping, and quality improvement.

To learn more about how to sign up as a CNRS provider, visit the "HCBS Waiver Program" webpage.

CNRS Program Contacts: 

Finding a Provider

See the HHS website to search for available service providers, including waiver, Medicaid and mental health providers. 


Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Specialist

Iowa Medicaid's Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) has a team of professionals dedicated to quality oversight and technical assistance for HCBS and CNRS providers. HCBS Specialists generally serve providers with main office locations based within the Specialist's assigned region. 

Some Specialists are dedicated to managing incidents and complaints related to HCBS and CNRS providers or members. 

One Specialist is dedicated to reviewing applications, providing technical assistance and supporting applicants and new providers.

For More Information:

HCBS Program Managers

Program oversight is provided by program managers from the Division of Medical Services, Bureau of Long-Term Care.

Fiscal Agents 

Iowa Medicaid Provider Services

PO Box 36450

Des Moines, Iowa 50315


515-256-4609 (local from Des Moines metro area)


Iowa Medicaid Member Services 

PO Box 36510

Des Moines, Iowa 50315


515-256-4606 (local from Des Moines metro area)