The Bureau of Substance Abuse has supported a Workforce Development Task Force since 2003. This task force has a assisted with a variety of projects over that timeframe which help support Iowa’s prevention workforce. Currently, the Workforce Development Task Force focuses on the following strategies:

  • Develop a workforce survey to assess current prevention workforce.
  • Define needs, identify gaps and craft a plan to address subject matter training for all experience levels of prevention professionals.
  • Diversify the field of prevention professionals to reflect the population of Iowa through recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Identify an onboarding model for prevention professionals to ensure basic competencies are met across all IDPH-recognized primary prevention strategies.
  • Foster and encourage partnerships between prevention professionals and community stakeholders (e.g. youth serving organizations, faith leaders, local law enforcement, health care, educators) across the state to ensure consistent practices are applied.

Resources and Reports

Contact: Leslie Mussmann at 515-240-2918