General Letters 

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 through 24)


General Procedures

    1-C  Confidentiality and Records 

    1-C  Appendix 

    1-E  Appeals and Hearings 

    1-E  Appendix 

    23-B  Collections 


X - Child Support Recovery

    10-B  Appendix 

    X-C(1)  Enforcement of Support Obligations 

    X-C(3)  Foster Care Parental Liability 

    XIV-D(1)  ICAR/ABC Referral 

    XIV-D(4)  Location 


Administration and Location

  Division 1.  General Information  

    9-A  General Program Information 

    9-B  General Computer Information and ICAR Security 

    9-B  Appendix 

    9-E  Case Setup 

    9-E  Case Setup Appendix 

  Division 2.  Opening and Closing Cases 

    9-H  Serving Qualified Customers 

    9-H  Appendix 

    9-I  Case Closure 

    9-I  Appendix 

    9-J  Child Support Enforcement Network-CSENET 

    9-J  Appendix 

    9-K  Interstate Case Processing 

    9-K  Appendix 


Establishment and Modification

  Division 1.  Establishing Paternity 

    10-A  Administrative Paternity Establishment  

    10-A App. Administrative Paternity Establishment Appendix 

    10-C  Paternity by Affidavit 

    10-C Appendix    

    10-D  Disestablishment of Paternity 

    10-D  Appendix 

  Division 2.  Establishing Support 

    10-H  Determining Child Support Obligations 

    10-H  Appendix 

    10-I  Administrative Establishment of Support     

    10-I  Appendix 

   Division 3.  Changes to Support 

    10-Q  Administrative Review and Adjustment 

    10-Q  Appendix 

    10-S  Suspension and Satisfaction of Support 

    10-S  Appendix 

    10-T  Reinstatement of Support 

    10-T  Appendix  


Enforcement and Distribution

  Division 1.  Enforcement 

    11-A  Administrative Levy   

    11-A  Appendix 

    11-C  Credit Reporting 

    11-C  Appendix 

    11-F  Income Withholding 

    11-F  Appendix 

    11-G  License Sanction 

    11-G  Appendix 

    11-I  Medical Support 

    11-I  Appendix 

    11-J  Federal Offsets and Passport Sanctions  

    11-K  State Offsets 

    11-L  Seek Employment  

    11-L  Appendix 

  Division 2.  Distribution 

    11-T  Distribution 

    11-T  Appendix 

    11-U  Appeals Based on Date of Collection 

    11-U  Appendix 

    11-V  Quarterly Notice of Support Collected 

    11-W  Special Abstracts and Refunds

    11-Z  Tracking Fees and Costs

    11-Z  Appendix