General Letters 

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 through 24)


General Administration

    1-C  Confidentiality and Records 

    1-C  Appendix 

    1-E  Appeals and Hearings 

    1-E  Appendix 

    13-A  General Provisions 

    XIII-A  Appendix 

    13-B  Determining Title IV-E Eligibility 

    13-B  Appendix 

    14-A  Services Reporting System 

    14-A(1)  Error Codes for the Service Reporting System 

    14-L  Purchase of Service Data System 

    14-M  IoWANS User Guide 

    15-D(1)  KACT System Screen Instructions 


Child Care


    12-E  Child Care Centers 

    12-E  Appendix 

    Child Care Centers and Preschools Licensing Standards and Procedures, Comm. 204

    12-F  Child Development Home Registration 

    12-F  Appendix 

    Guidelines for Child Care Homes with a Child Care Assistance Provider Agreement, Comm. 095

    Child Development Home Registration Guidelines, Comm. 143

    Child Development Home Registration Guidelines (Spanish), Comm. 143(S) 


   Service Provision: 

    13-G  Child Care Assistance 

    14-H  KinderTrack System 


Protective Services

    16-E(1)  Child Abuse Information 

    Child Abuse:  A Guide for Mandatory Reporters, Comm. 164 

    Child Abuse:  A Guide for Mandatory Reporters (Spanish), Comm. 164(S) 

    Dependent Adult Abuse:  A Guide for Mandatory Reporters, Comm. 118 


Family Services

     18 Appendix

     Drug Testing, Practice, Policy, and Protocols, Comm. 626

     Practice Standards for Family Centered Services Contractors, Comm. 660


 Protective Services:

     18-A(1) Child Protective Services Intake 
     18-A(2) CINA Intake
     18-A(3) Dependent Adult Intake
     18-B(1) Child Protective Services Assessment 
     18-B(2) CINA Assessment
     18-B(3) Dependent Adult Assessment

 Service Provision:

     18-C(1) Handoff to Case Management

     18-C(2) Case Management
     18-C(3) Family-Centered Services
     18-C(4) Kinship Support

     18-C(5) Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) 
     18-C(6) In-Home Health-Related Care Services
     18-C(7) Family-Life Home Services    

     18-D(5) Interstate Compacts

     18-D(6) Interstate Compact On the Placement of Children

 Foster Care Services:

    18-D(1) Foster Family Home  
    18-D(2) Child Welfare Emergency Services (CWES) 
    18-D(3) Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP)/Group Care 
    18-D(4) Supervised Apartment Living Services (SAL)

 Licensing and Approval Standards:

    18-E(1) Foster Family Home Licensing


    18-F(1) Permanent Placement Procedures 
    18-F(2) Subsidized Guardianship

Child Welfare Services

 Service Provision: 

    13-E(1)  Stolen Children 



Foster Care


    Foster Parent Handbook, Comm. 33 

    Manual Para Padres Sustitutos (Foster Parent Handbook), Comm. 33(S)  


Health-Related Services

    16-F  Comprehensive Family Support

    16-F  Appendix 

    16-K  Medicaid Waiver Services 

    16-K  Appendix