General Letters 

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 through 24)

Income Maintenance Programs Appendix (6-Appendix)


General Procedures

    1-C  Confidentiality and Records 

    1-C  Appendix 

    1-E  Appeals and Hearings 

    1-E  Appendix 

    23-B  Collections 

    23-E  Issuance of Duplicate or Replacement Warrants 

    24-A  Case Records Management 

    24-A  Appendix 


Other IM Programs

    5-A  Interim Assistance Reimbursement 

    5-A  Appendix 

    5-B  Health Insurance Premium Payment Program 

    5-C  AIDS/HIV Health Insurance Premium Payment Program 

    5-D  Quality Control 

    5-D  Appendix 

    5-E  Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (hawk-i)    
    5-F  Iowa Family Planning Program

    6-A  Social Security Programs 

    6-B  State Supplementary Assistance 

    6-D  Refugee Cash Assistance 

    6-D(1)  Refugee Medical Assistance 

    6-E  Extra Help for Medicare Prescription Drug Costs 

    6-G  Recovery of Public Assistance Debts 

    6-H  Rent Reimbursement 

    13-B  Determining Eligibility For Title IV-E 

    13-B  Appendix 

    13-G  Child Care Assistance 



    8 Omnibus (All Medicaid chapters in one document)

    8-A  Administration 

    8-B  Application Processing 

    8-C  Nonfinancial Eligibility 

    8-D  Resources 

    8-E  Income 

    8-F  Coverage Groups 

    8-G  Case Maintenance 

    8-H  Foster Care, Adoption and Guardianship Subsidy 

    8-I  Medical Institutions 

    8-J  Medically Needy 

    8-K  Psychiatric Institutions 

    8-L  Aliens 

    8-M  Medicaid Services 

    8-N  Home- and Community-Based Waivers 


Family Investment Program

    4 Omnibus (All FIP chapters in one document)
    4-A  Administration 

    4-B  Application Processing 

    4-C  Nonfinancial Eligibility 

    4-D  Resources 

    4-E  Income 

    4-F  Budgeting 

    4-G  Case Maintenance 

    4-H  Payments and Adjustments 


    4-L  Aliens and Migrants 



    7 Omnibus (All SNAP chapters in one document)

    7-A  Administration 

    7-B  Application Processing 

    7-C  Nonfinancial Eligibility 

    7-D  Resources 

    7-E  Income 

    7-F  Budgeting 

    7-G  Case Maintenance 

    7-H  Adjustments 

    7-I  Specific Households and Participants 

    7-J  Intentional Program Violation 

    7-M  SNAP Employment and Training Program 


PROMISE JOBS Provider Manual

    Provider Manual 



Income Maintenance Systems

    14-B  Automated Benefit Calculation System 

    14-B(4)  System Screen Instructions 

    14-B(5)  SNAP Case Actions 

    14-B(6)  FIP Case Actions 

    14-B(7)  FMAP-Related Medicaid Case Actions 

    14-B(8)  COLA Processing 

    14-B(9)  SSI-Related Medicaid and Facility Case Actions 

    14-B  Appendix 

    14-C  Medical Systems 

    14-C(1)  Family Planning Program System 

    XIV-D(1)   ICAR/ABC Referral 

    14-E  SSI State Data Exchange 

    14-G  Exchange of Data with Other Agencies 

    14-G  Appendix 

    14-H  KinderTrack System 

    14-I   MMIS Medically Needy Subsystem    

    14-I(1)  Medically Needy Case Actions 

    14-M  IoWANS User Guide 

    14-O  PJCASE System 

    14-P(1)  Overpayment Recovery Detail