General Letters 

Employees' Manual Table of Contents (Titles 1 through 24)


General Departmental Procedures

    1-A,  Organization

    1-B,  Policy Development 

    1-B  Appendix 

    1-C,  Confidentiality and Records 

    1-C  Appendix 

    1-D,  Nondiscrimination 

    1-E,  Appeals and Hearings 

    1-E  Appendix 

    1-F,  Volunteer Services     

    1-F  Appendix 


Personnel Management

    21-A,  Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action


Financial Management

    23-B,  Collections 

    23-C(1),  Local Office Administration Expense 

    23-C  Appendix 

    23-E,  Issuance of Duplicate or Replacement Warrants 

    23-F,  Services Contracting 

    23-G,  State Appeal Board Claims 

    23-H,  Travel Claims 

    23-I,  Random Moment Sample System 

    23-K,  Procurement 


Office Management

    24-A,  Case Records Management 

    24-A  Appendix 

    24-B,  General Services 

    24-C,  Physical Quarters 

    24-C  Appendix 

    24-D,  State Vehicles 

    24-F,  Violence-Free Workplace 

    24-F  Appendix 

    24-H,  Capital Asset and Supply Inventory Control 

    24-H Appendix 


Management Manual Table of Contents (Titles 20 to 24)