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Consumable Hemp

Iowa HHS is responsible for the regulation of consumable hemp products, including registration (hemp manufacturers and retailers are not licensed, they are registered).

What is Consumable Hemp?

For detailed information about Consumable Hemp in Iowa, please use the following link to visit our Consumable Hemp FAQ. You may also use the inquiry link in the FAQ to submit a question.

A hemp product is an item derived from or made by processing hemp or parts of hemp. Consumable hemp is a liquid or solid hemp product intended to be introduced into the human body by ingestion or internal absorption, including but not limited to: food, chew or snuff, oils and lotions, and hemp processed or otherwise manufactured, marketed, sold, or distributed as food (e.g., "gummies"), a food additive, a dietary supplement, or a drug.

Consumable hemp products do not include those intended to be introduced into the human body by any method of inhalation, which are prohibited under Iowa Code 204.14A. Violation of Iowa Code 204.14A(1) is a criminal offense (serious misdemeanor).

Animal products as well as products marketed or intended to “cure, treat, mitigate, prevent disease, or affect the function of the human body,” including products marketed as over-the-counter medication, are also prohibited. Additionally, consumable hemp products manufactured or sold in Iowa must contain 0.3% or less total THC to be legal. 

Relevant Iowa Code and Administrative Rules

*IAC 32.5(5): Consumable hemp products in interstate commerce are subject to federal law. Compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 204 and Iowa Administrative Code 481-Chapter 32 does not represent compliance with federal law. For additional information, visit the FDA website.