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What is the EPSDT Care for Kids program?

EPSDT is the Early Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program for children who are enrolled in Medicaid. The focus of this program is to assure that eligible children ages birth through 20 years receive preventive health care services, including oral health care. In Iowa, the EPSDT program is called Care for Kids. EPSDT Care for Kids services are free to children enrolled in Medicaid.

The acronym EPSDT stands for:


Children should receive quality health care beginning at birth and continuing throughout childhood and adolescence including the identification, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions as early as possible.


Children should receive well child check-ups at regular intervals throughout childhood according to standards set by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Health care may be provided between regularly scheduled check-ups.


Children should be screened for health and developmental problems. Services shall include health history, developmental assessment, physical exam, immunizations, lab tests, health education, dental exam, and vision and hearing screenings.


Children should receive further evaluation of health or developmental problems identified during check-ups that may require treatment.


Children should receive treatment for health or developmental problems identified during check-ups.

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