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Programs & Services

We work with community-based organizations and other stakeholders to lower the risk of dental disease and improve the oral health of people living in Iowa. Staff are involved in oral health surveillance and data assessment, developing programs and policies, education and training, and providing technical assistance.

Programs and Eligibility

  • I-Smile is a statewide program that connects children and pregnant women with dental, medical, and community resources for a lifetime of health and wellness. It is part of the statewide Maternal and Child health program.
  • I-Smile@School provides preventive dental care for children in eligible elementary schools.
  • I-Smile Silver helps adults living in a 10-county pilot project area.

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We also promote the importance of community water fluoridation, work on coalitions, oversee the state’s school dental screening requirement, participate in the Cavity Free Iowa Initiative, create materials to help people understand the importance of oral health, use data to report on the oral health of people living in Iowa, and help the Iowa Dental Board collect data about the work of dental hygienists and assistants who work in public health.

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