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Programs & Services

In Iowa, approximately 1 out of every 5 adults ages 18 years and older report experiencing at least one type of disability. Individuals with disabilities tend to experience disparities whcih negatively impact their health. By ensuring accessible access and inclusive programming, organizations can help to reduce those disparities.  To learn more about health disparities experienced by adults with disabilities in Iowa and nationally, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Disability & Health Data System (DHDS) website.

Tips for Creating Inclusive Programs

Through a project funded by a cooperative agreement (#1NU27DD000019) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Iowa HHS partnered with Siouxland District Health Department to produce a series of fact sheets and webinars to support local public health and health coalitions to become more inclusive of people with disabilities. 

Archived Webinar: Creating an Inclusive Health Club - YouTube

Archived Webinar:  Creating Inclusive Parks - YouTube

Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Technical Assistance Available

The Disability & Health Program's team are available to provide information, training and technical assistance to organizations wishing to provide more inclusive programs and services through accessible environments and targeted outreach. Additional resources, including Health Care Provider Trainings, are available at the

To request technical assistance or training contact Maggie Ferguson, Brain Injury & Disability Program Manager by emailing or call Maggie at (515) 281-8465.