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Programs & Services

Cherokee Mental Health Institute

The Cherokee Mental Health Institute (CMHI) provides active inpatient treatment to adults, who are in need of acute psychiatric services along with specialized treatment and security for adults ordered by the court into the custody of the state for the purposes of competency restoration, adults who have been acquitted of a crime by reason of insanity, and similarly situated adults. Learn More

Independence Mental Health Institute

The Independence Mental Health Institute (IMHI) provides active inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults, adolescents, and children who are in need of acute psychiatric service. This includes specialized treatment of behaviorally complex youth. Learn More

State Training School

The primary purpose of the State Training School at Eldora is to provide a continuum of supervision and rehabilitation programs, which meet the needs of males adjudicated delinquent, in a manner consistent with public safety. These services and programs individualize treatment and control the offender for his own benefit and the protection of society. Learn More

Civil Commitment Unit for Sexual Offenders

The CCUSO program was created by the 1998 Sexually Violent Predators Act of Iowa to provide secure, inpatient treatment for sexual offenders who are believed to be a high risk for sexually re-offending. Inpatient treatment is indefinite, with the length of commitment dependent upon the time required for each individual to complete the criteria for advancement through five (5) treatment phases. Learn More