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Iowa HHS is responsible for the regulation of consumable hemp products, including registration (hemp manufacturers and retailers are not licensed, they are registered).

See a list of consumable hemp retailers here.

See a list of consumable hemp manufacturers here. 

HF 2605 Resources

Consumable Hemp Registration

Consumable Hemp FAQs

For detailed information about Consumable Hemp in Iowa, please use the following link to visit our Consumable Hemp FAQ. You may also use the inquiry link in the FAQ to submit a question.

Consumable Hemp Resources

Relevant Iowa Code and Administrative Rules

*IAC 481.32 migrated to 641.156.

*641 IAC 156.5(5): Consumable hemp products in interstate commerce and subject to federal law. Compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 204 and Iowa Administrative Code 641-156 does not represent compliance with federal law. For additional information, visit the FDA website