We are making calls now for our 2024 BRFSS survey!

Iowa HHS partners with the University of Northen Iowa (UNI) Center for Social and Behavioral Research to conduct our survey interviews. Your phone number may be randomly selected to participate. If you receive a call, it will come from a 319 area code.

What happens if I get a call?

The interviewer will state that they are calling on behalf of the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. 

What happens if I miss their call?

If you miss their call, you can call back at 319-273-2135 to reschedule for a day and/or time that would be most convenient for you.

Why should I participate?

Survey participation is completely voluntary and confidential. If you take part, you perform a valuable public service for your family, community, and state. Your participation helps make the survey results represent all Iowa adults.


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Older reports and publications can be found on the Iowa Publications site.

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