Administrative Code and Rules

Current Fiscal Year

Administrative Rules

Administrative rules are adopted to implement laws that protect the public health, safety, welfare and environment, and to ensure the efficient administration of state government. Legacy Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) administrative rules are located in the Iowa Administrative Code under the department’s Agency Identification Number, which is  441. To access the Iowa Administrative Code visit

Legacy Department of Public Health Administrative Rules can be found here

The Rule-making Docket for Legacy Department of Human Services (DHS) can be found at the Legislature’s “Rules Tracker” website. The site tracks legacy DHS’ rule-making process in real-time from the Notice of Intended Action to Adoption.  You can access public comment deadlines, public hearing dates, Administrative Rule Review Committee (ARRC) meeting dates and actions taken, published rule-making documents(ARC’s), and effective dates.   

The link takes you to the administrative rules for legacy DHS (441). Once at that site you can utilize the dropdown listing and find rules in process for other state agencies.

SFY 2022 Regulatory Plan

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For more information please contact:

Nancy Freudenberg, Agency Rules Coordinator

Bureau of Policy Coordination